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Our Team

Clinical Staff

Dr. Robert Page Clinical Director

Dr. Page holds the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and has earned advanced degrees from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education in Human Development and The Johns Hopkins University in Cognitive Psychology where he was a teaching assistant for undergraduate psychology courses. He is a licensed clinical psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience providing prevention intervention, training, evaluation, and treatment services in a wide range of clinical settings. His clinical experience includes coordinating a Student Assistance Program in a large school district, acting as the Clinical Director in an urban health center, and treating patients in private, community-based, and group mental health settings.

Dr. Page is an interactive, results-oriented clinician who is intent on collaborating with his patients to develop individualized, evidence-based treatment. His areas of specialization include the treatment of depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety (including panic disorders), impulse control disorder, and attention deficit disorder. He has also conducted anger management, stress management, and substance abuse groups. He chiefly utilizes a cognitive behavioral therapy approach and often combines this modality with psychodynamic techniques. He works with each client to build on their strengths and to attain the personal growth they are seeking.

Sarah Dolaty Clinical Social Worker

Sarah Dolaty, LCSW, is a clinical social worker specializing in children and youth development. Sarah has a certificate in child-trauma work and has been working with youth in school settings, after-school programs, and group homes for the past 5 years. Sarah uses a combination of cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness, social-emotional learning, and art and movement therapy in her sessions. Additionally, Sarah is fluent in Farsi and has experience working with children from immigrant and refugee backgrounds. Child-centered and child-focused work that focuses on holistic care and mental and spiritual well-being is her professional passion and she endeavors to extend this care to all the children and families she works with.

Hodan Mohamed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)

Hodan Mohamed holds an MSW from the University Toronto and has certificates in child, adult and family trauma work, CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy) DBT, Mindfulness and Relaxation Response work from the Henry-Benson Institute. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in MA with over 20 years of experience working with children, youth, adults, and families both in school and community settings. She’s done group work with children, youth, adults, and families.

She utilizes a holistic approach that is eclectic and person-focused. She speaks Somali and has worked with immigrant and refugees in Canada and in the US.

Hodan emphasizes the importance of community supports to bring about change and progress in people’s lives across the life span. She advocates for the individual needs of her clients and collaborates with collaterals at the micro, community, and macro levels. Building the social and emotional arsenal of children is her passion.

Tamara Leroy-London Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)

Tamara Leroy-London is a licensed, independent clinical social worker in Massachusetts. Tamara received her MSW from Simmons College with a concentration in children and families. Tamara has experience working with clients across the lifespan in multiple settings, including community, integrated, outpatient, and home-based. Tamara’s therapy approaches include CBT, solution-focused, play therapy, and psychodynamic modalities. Tamara works with groups and individuals and offers services in Haitian Creole fluency.

Consulting Psychiatrist

Xenia Johnson Bhembe, MD Clinical Staff

Dr. Xenia Johnson Bhembe received her MD at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and after Residency trained in child psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance.

She has been in practice for over two decades. Her enthusiasm for community psychiatry is infectious. Dr Johnson Bhembe is a compassionate leader with deep awareness of the links between mental health, society and culture. She is a valuable colleague, with a distinguished career of clinical, academic and public service. Her leadership skills stand out in several important ways.

As a “co-located” and clinic based child psychiatrist for many years, and later an “integrated care” consultant, Xenia Johnson Bhembe has supported the difficult work of population health improvement by providing on-site, collaborative psychiatric treatment for thousands of youth with mental health needs. She always delivers expert, compassionate care for families who face tremendous barriers and adversities. Primary Care colleagues respect her not just as a healthcare leader, but as a kindred soul who provides just the right kind of support for their multi-stressed families.

Dr Johnson Bhembe is also very active as a school-based mental health consultant. She is a clinical and academic leader in the care of students and families with severe mental health difficulties, and has won the respect of her peers for her strong work ethic, friendliness and cheer no matter the size of her caseload or travel demands.

Since 2004, Dr. Johnson Bhembe has also served as the Director of Community Minority Affairs for the Department of Psychiatry. In this role she pursued innovative approaches of engagement to mental health services for reluctant patients. By growing a network of leaders in the Cambridge Health Alliance and greater Boston community committed to equity and cultural understanding for vulnerable families, Dr Johnson Bhembe has gained the respect of those champions of mental health care both within and outside the healthcare system.

Dr. Johnson Bhembe has also distinguished herself as a leader in medical student education where she coordinates and teaches a year-long course to HMS students as well as child psychiatry fellows. She is widely recognized for her excellence as a teacher and mentor. At Cambridge Health Alliance, she was the recipient of the 2011 Alfred Margulies Medical Student Teaching Award. In 2013, Harvard Medical School awarded her the Roeske Certificate of Excellence in Medical Student Education, for outstanding and sustaining contributions to medical student education.

Dr Johnson Bhembe is also the founder and director of a nonprofit missioned to build positive identity for Black Americans through community engagement. In all of her clinical, teaching, and leadership activities, Xenia Johnson Bhembe has made a deep and lasting contribution to the discipline of mental health.

Senior Management Team

Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi Executive Director

Dr. Mohamed Abdullahi, Executive Director and Co-founder of the Community Caring Clinic and Founder and Dean of Curriculum for Bayan Institute.

Mohamed was born in Somalia. His family immigrated to Qatar after the civil war in Somalia then to the United States of America. Dr. Abdullah received a Doctor of Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in May 2016. His core professional competencies include small business development, management, operations, strategy, communication, and adaptive leadership.

Dr. Abdullah serves the Muslim Community in greater Boston area as a teacher, scholar of Quranic Studies and Arabic Language. He also serves a spiritual guide and a mentor for many youth and family members in Roxbury area.

His passion for integrating body, mind, and spirituality into the world of behavioral health and addressing the issue of social justice and health disparities within the law-income and immigrant communities inspired him to co-found Community Caring Clinic.

Dr. Abdullah is a lifelong learner who loves reading great religious works and literary books. He loves mentoring and learning from children. His personal slogan is that there is always an opportunity to better yourself and those around you.

Asraa Alfatlawi

My name is Asraa Alfatlawi.. I am a licensed mental health psychotherapist and have a degree in Counseling Psychology – Global Mental Health. This program was specifically created to serve the refugee and displaced populations and their traumas (globally). For the last 7 years I have been working at the Lynn Community Health Center. I have worked extensively with refugees, immigrants and the low-income populations. My specific interests and experience have been working with women and children of all different backgrounds. More recently I have started to work with victims of domestic violence. I work with a wide range of mental health diagnoses including but not limited Mood disorders, Dissociative Disorders and Trauma. I have worked extensively with refugee trauma. I adhere to several therapeutic modalities and treatments more specifically CBT, Narrative therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness. Most importantly however, I am interested in listening and being witness to the human story. I am trained in EMDR but not currently certified. Overall, I support trauma informed, client centered, and culturally appropriate care.

Raymond Phanor, N.D, M.Ed

Raymond Phanor, N.D, M.Ed holds a doctorate in Natural Health and Wellness and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. He earned his graduate degree from Cambridge College, MA, has worked for twenty years with a culturally diverse population which includes children, youth, and adults. Raymond Phanor attended seminars and conferences pertaining to enlarge his knowledge and understanding of mental disorders and evidenced-based therapeutic interventions pertaining to motivational interviewing, trauma-focuses cognitive and behavioral therapy, mindfulness, social-emotional learning, and art therapy, which techniques he has implemented throughout his career. In addition, Raymond Phanor spent many years teaching English as a Second Language as the immigrant community and is actively devoted to a Christian church in the community.

Mirna Milien

My name is Mirna Milien. I was born in Haiti, am the mother of four children and a Christian. My clinical experience started with In Home therapy, Addiction counseling, Outpatient services. Now I work as an Outpatient therapist with the Community Caring Clinic. Iwill provide services as an interpreter at the Brenner Center to support assessment in both Haitian Creole and French. I also enjoy helping my community in Brockton.

I am currently a first-year student in the clinical PsyD program at William James College. My goal is to continue engaging in evidence-based therapy services within my community, specifically with underserved populations. My concentration will be in global mental health as I envision to contribute to expanding mental health services to the masses with adequate program in less developed countries, particularly in my homeland.

A. Rahema Mooltrey, LCSW M. Ed

A. Rahema Mooltrey, LCSW M. Ed is a clinical social worker that received her social work degree from Boston College. She focuses on children and families, particularly those from urban communities. She uses strength-based, client-focused, and cognitive-behavioral strategies to help clients manage life’s stressors, create and maintain healthy boundaries, and reach their self-prescribed goals. Rahema believes that by asking the right questions she can help clients find the answers they are seeking.

Rahema also leads an organization Radical Joy Inc, which emphasizes mental health and self-care as a form of social justice work.

Sagitta Woodman, LICSW

Sagitta Woodman, LICSW, is the Program Director at Community Caring Clinic. She provides supervision to clinicians and direct service to a diverse client population. Sagitta graduated from Fordham University with her MSW (masters of social work) with a special concentration in Global Leadership and Clinical Practice. Her undergraduate BSW (bachelors of social work) is from Salve Regina University.

She has advocated for refugee and immigrant populations at the policy level at the UN and at individual levels in providing counseling services since 2010. She worked in refugee resettlement as a clinical supervisor ensuring trauma informed care was provided to all clients. She started a task force in Rhode Island with the DOH and DHS to open access to behavioral health services for refugees, unaccompanied minors, and other immigrant populations. Sagitta has provided direct behavioral health services to torture survivors, newly arrived refugees, and asylum seekers.

Sagitta works with adults and youth. She treats clients presenting with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Her holistic therapy approaches include cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, narrative, person-focused, psychodynamic, solution focused, and trauma focused CBT. Her experience has been in providing specialized counseling services to trauma/torture survivors from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America. Sagitta is truly passionate about ensuring that the rights of refugees and immigrants are universally recognized.

Ester C. de Carvalho, M.Ed, MS

Ester C. de Carvalho is an educator, counselor, advocate, and translator with tri-lingual capacity who provides services in Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole. She is the author of the upcoming book on Overcoming Adversities to be launched in the Fall of 2021.

Ester obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology simultaneously with Medical Interpreter training and later pursued her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, both from Cambridge College. She also holds a Master’s degree in Crime and Justice Studies from Suffolk University. Her high level of self-efficacy allowed her to embrace a wide range of career options she seriously considered based on her genuine interests, and she prepared herself educationally for her many occupational pursuits.

Ester is the founder of Nourish and Connect, Inc/Translations, a sole proprietor nonprofit organization incorporated in 2012, which was originally created in 2007 to provide translations, interpreting, and notary public services. In her freelance and consultant practice, Ester conducted effective assessments to identify and understand her client’s needs, provide them proper assistance, and connect them with other resources, including pro-bono legal services.

She is dedicated to providing community support services. In her pursuit, she invited a law office to host presentations immigration procedures and divorce. Ester also eagerly conducted community educational outreach and hosted community education presentations to create awareness about domestic violence, how child abuse and exposure to DV affects children’s trauma, the impact of homicide on the surviving families, and information about Victims Assistance Program.

Ester eagerly promoted information about mental health services, in-home services, and therapeutic mentoring and how these early interventions can help children and youth to improve their behavioral and academic performance, prevent school drop-out, and create awareness about the school-to-prison, delinquency, incarceration, and deportation.

Ester also promoted Adult Foster Care (AFC) program through the Mass Health insurance provides remuneration for caregivers of disabled adult children and elderly parents or other elderly or disabled household members to help families obtain or increase their income.

Ester has over 14 years of experience working as a consultant and also for other nonprofit organizations serving children and families impacted by economic hardships, immigration integration challenges, domestic violence, divorce, trauma, mental health challenges, language barrier, academic difficulties, truancy, school bullying, substance abuse, drug trafficking, chronic unemployment, homelessness, youth runaway, vandalism, community violence, homicide, suicide, incarceration, deportation, workplace violence, and sexual harassment.
She tirelessly provides needs assessment, supportive listening, counseling, and guidance to others on how to identify the underlying issues of any problem they are facing, how to resolve conflicts with appropriate manners, including effective communication and conflict resolution, assist couples to negotiate and file a pro-se stress-free divorce, and have assisted Domestic Violence survivors in obtaining their immigration status.

Ester’s clinical practice includes conducting comprehensive psychosocial and behavioral assessments in her role as in-home therapy and outpatient clinician. Her preferred counseling approaches include Trauma-Centered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution-Focused Therapy. For the younger children, she always engages them through play and art therapy.
Ester also has experience facilitating group workshops in her last occupation working for Housing Placement & Case Management for a Family Homeless Shelter and co-facilitator of a Violence Domestic Education program for the perpetrators.

In her work assisting multi-problem families in enhancing their resourcefulness and resilience, she focused on saving the children from dropping out of school, turning to violence and delinquency, and getting incarcerated that could eventually lead to their deportation from the US if they are non-citizens.

Ester created awareness to immigrants who can lose the opportunity to obtain their naturalization due to serious criminal history (CORI), including Domestic Violence. She was able to assist a few clients in successfully obtaining their Permanent Residence Status or becoming Naturalized US citizens. Inclusively, she provided one-on-one coaching to individuals trying to prepare and pass their citizenship test to become naturalized US citizens after their failed attempt by attending standard classrooms offered through various non-profit organizations in the community.

Using her Psychology knowledge, skills, and wisdom, Ester deeply understands the root causes of juvenile delinquency, the many individuals’ traits, and the circumstances behind the epidemic of violence, including structural violence in our society. She is always searching for the best prevention and intervention strategies to improve her practice, which, in her opinion, is partly teaching clients coping skills for enhancing their self-esteem along with CBT to change their mindset. As mental health clinician and advocate, Ester has helped her clients in getting (IEP) and psychological evaluations or placement into therapeutic community programs when out-of-home placement was required (CRA cases), including youths who already had involvement the with criminal justice system.

Particularly, Ester uses the knowledge she earned from her study of how prisons work in the United States. Her experience working with incarcerated individuals under deportation procedure to educate and deter juveniles and adults from making poor decisions that leads to criminality, domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect and motivate the youth to create a positive vision of their future, enhance their understanding of the “school-to-prison pipeline” journey, and collateral consequences of a felony conviction in hope to deter them from delinquency and inspiring them to focus on their education.


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