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In view of the emerging coronavirus crisis and the recent shelter in place order from the Governor, The Community Caring Clinic ( 55 Warren Street, Roxbury, MA (Tel: 617-541-1529; Fax 617-541-5880) would like it to be known that it is offering free counseling sessions for those in the Greater Boston community through Telehealth. We understand that residents of the Boston area are experiencing a range of mental health issues related to the crisis which are adding further complication to an already difficult and unsettled period. The widespread fears and anxieties are affecting individuals and families across the area as they struggle to cope with the unprecedented changes and adjustments in their lifestyle and daily routines. Many are facing serious financial problems from loss of employment and income. Sometimes it is helpful to cope with these challenges by feeling less alone and having the opportunity to talk about them with a mental health professional. That connection can go a long way towards decreasing the emotional impact of the loss of a range of accustomed family activities, as well as job responsibilities. We are well aware of the mental health issues surrounding the confusion, the social distancing and the separation problems set in motion by this crisis. We are pleased to offer the opportunity to those who may need or want to have the chance to engage in some time-limited counseling.