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We work to promote cultural awareness in the midst of cultural diversity.
Meeting Seminar Training Concept
Cultural competency refers to the capability of an individual to effectively deal with people from diverse cultural groups. In health care, for instance, we recognize the fundamental role of culture in every patient care encounter. Because we know that health care is culturally based on beliefs about the human body and the nature of diseases, cultural issues must be a prior concern in health care or any service delivery. That is why cultural competency training for healthcare providers serves as an essential tool for connecting with their patients. Our cultural competency training is geared toward promoting awareness and education to healthcare providers, school teachers, city workers, and state workers. Clear communication is the foundation of culturally competent care or any type of service to be delivered. We aim for these individuals to build cultural overview, develop cross-cultural skills, determine cultural differences, and know the diverse practices and perspectives. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.