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This service aims to help immigrants in the U.S. have a smooth citizenship & naturalization process.
Community Caring Clinic offers services that meet the cultural and linguistic needs of refugees and immigrants through a wraparound of service that meets the needs of our community. We assist immigrants with: 
  • Application to replace your Alien Registration Card and other renewals
  • If your Green Card is lost, damaged, or about to expire, contact us to help ensure your permanent residency status.
  • Change of Address Notice
  Complete fee waiver request if you meet the criteria. Citizenship Application and Naturalization Process
  • We conduct eligibility screening.
  • We provide assistance with applications.
  • We review all materials needed to apply for U.S. citizenship.
  • We review Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions
  • We provide citizenship preparation classes.
  • We also provide legal referrals. 
For more details regarding this service, please feel free to reach us.