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Our team of professional clinicians can conduct one-on-one therapeutic care to ensure an individual's improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem .
Person in need having a counseling session
Individual therapy, also referred to as psychotherapy is a joint process between a person and the therapist. Its goal is to inspire change or improve the quality of life. People may seek this service to help address issues that are hard to face alone. Other medical terms used are commonly psychosocial therapy, talk therapy, and counseling. This program helps people overcome obstacles to their well-being. Our therapists help our clients to increase their optimism by building greater compassion and self-esteem with this program. You will more easily handle difficult situations, make healthy and wise decisions, and accomplish your goals. This therapeutic journey will help you gain deeper self-knowledge. To know more about this particular service and how can it help you resolve the situation you are facing, send us a message or call us at 617-541-1829.