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Psychological Testing and Assessment in a Professional, Relaxing Setting Community Caring Clinic offers psychological testing, which is helpful when there is a lack of clarity about the causes of emotional, psychological, or behavioral problems experienced by a child, adolescent, or adult. Psychological testing refers to the administration of standardized tasks and procedures that allows for a sampling of behavior. Its purpose is to understand and predict a given individual’s psychological, emotional, and behavioral functioning in a variety of settings. Community Caring Clinic knows that coming in for a psychological test can feel intimidating, but we want to provide a calming, convenient environment for our clients. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and professional space for our clients. They can rely on the integrity of our professional assessments. We know that psychological testing gives clients the data they need for their mental health. Some reasons why a psychological evaluation may be recommended include:
  • to be used in conjunction with counseling and therapy
  • to provide information for disability benefits
  • to guide diagnosis of a range of mental health issues
  • to shed light on cognitive and intellectual factors, which may lead to problems in learning
  • to understand the causes of emotional problems, such as depression, anxiety, social skills deficits, poor impulse control, mood instability, poor coping, or emotion regulation skills
  • to identify factors underlying problem behaviors
  • to determine if there may be attention or concentration problems, such as Attention Deficit Disorder
Community Caring clinic provides psychological assessment for the following:
  1. Child Psychological Assessment
  2. Adolescent Psychological Assessment
  3. Adult Psychological Assessment

Reports and Recommendations

Following the completion of a psychological evaluation, a comprehensive and reader-friendly report will be prepared by the psychologist. The report will provide individualized recommendations that will help guide interventions and services. Our clients are eager to get answers to their questions. For this reason, we do our best to complete the testing and report in a timely manner.

Payment and Insurance

Community Caring Clinic accepts most major insurance plans for psychological testing and evaluation.

Need More Information

To learn more about our psychological testing services, please contact Community Caring Clinic at 617-541-1829.