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What Is a Substance Use Treatment Service?

A substance abuse treatment service is designed to help individuals overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. This service offers comprehensive care and support to individuals struggling with substance use disorders. With a focus on evidence-based practices and a multidisciplinary approach, we provide a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.

At Community Caring Clinic’s substance abuse service, individuals receive personalized treatment plans based on a thorough assessment of their specific addiction and related challenges. The service offers a safe and structured environment where individuals can detoxify from substances under medical supervision. Through medication-assisted treatment and withdrawal management, the service helps individuals navigate the initial stages of recovery.

The substance abuse treatment service provides various therapeutic interventions to address psychological, emotional, and behavioral aspects of addiction.

These may include individual counseling, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing. These evidence-based approaches help individuals identify and change unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviors associated with substance use.

Substance abuse treatment services also emphasize relapse prevention strategies and education. They equip individuals with the necessary tools and skills to cope with triggers, manage cravings, and avoid potential setbacks. The service may also provide family therapy or support programs to involve loved ones in the recovery process and foster a supportive environment at home.

Overall, a substance abuse treatment service is a vital resource for individuals seeking help to overcome addiction. It offers a comprehensive range of services, evidence-based therapies, and a supportive environment to guide individuals towards lasting recovery and improved well-being.

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Individual & Group Therapy

Community Caring Clinic offers Individual & Group therapy services provided by both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking clinicians for children and adults. Clients work on personal treatment goals around substance use and co-occurring mental health challenges, including trauma, anxiety, depression, etc. A variety of evidence-based practices are used to ensure the best possible outcomes.

STRUCTURED OUTPATIENT ADDICTION PROGRAM (S.O.A.P) is a three to six-week program for individuals seeking a structured setting in which to achieve abstinence and sustained recovery from alcohol and drug use. We operate Monday through Friday for 3.5 hours a day. Individuals participate in structured group treatment using a multimodal approach.

Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Psychiatry

Community Caring Clinic provides medications for the treatment of alcohol addiction and opioid use disorder, including Suboxone and Vivitrol. We are committed to treating the whole person, which means that:

The MAT team, a multi-disciplinary team, includes clinicians, medical professionals, and recovery coaches who provide a holistic, wraparound service approach to medication treatment.

All prescribers are committed to treating both substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.